Home Method To Preserve Fresh Tomatoes For Months Without Refrigerating Or Steaming

Hello people,

We bring you another method to preserve your food, precisely tomatoes.

Most folks find it boring and stressfull to start preparing their tomatoes the same time they intend to cook with it and this is one of the reason many people for a long period of time now had apply one method or the other to make their tomatoes ready for use and also ensure its well preserved for future use without refrigerating it or any kind of steaming.

The things you will need to make your already made tomato paste are: Tomatoes, Salt, Water and Bottle jar(bottle not plastic or other)

1. Wash your tomatoes

2. Pour the washed tomatoes inside a pot, add little quantity of salt and water then boil for 3-5 minutes
3. Remove the tomatoes from the water and blend (grind)
4. Boil blended tomatoes till all water evaporates and form paste (dont allow tomato burnt)
5. Allow paste to cool off and scoop into bottle jar(with tight cover)
6. Put the closed bottled jar inside the pot of water to boil for 10-15 minutes
And your durable fresh tomato paste is ready. You can store anywhere, cupboard or refrigerator
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